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♠ “The cleverest iPad book yet … For the first time in my life I am blown away by an interactive book design.” - Gizmodo.com ♠
♣ "A glimpse of the future of digital reading." - BBC.co.uk ♣
♥ "A sharp example of how to enhance children's literature on the device." - MacLife.com ♥
♦ “Alice app for iPad points the way toward a new generation of pop-up books.” - Independent.com ♦
♠ “Alice in wonderland iPad app reinvents reading.” - TheHuffingtonPost.com ♠
♣ “Alice for the iPad Shows Why E-Books Are Cool.” - Mashable.com ♣
♥ "Alice for the iPad will irk luddites with its sumptuous interactive rendering of Alice in Wonderland." - The Sunday Times ♥
♦ "Incorporates animation like no other eBook to date." - CNET ♦

Tilt your iPad to make Alice grow big as a house, or shrink to just six inches tall. This is Alice in Wonderland digitally remastered for the iPad. Play with the White Rabbit's pocket watch - it realistically swings and bounces. Help Alice swim through a Pool of Tears. Or hand out sweets that bounce and collide with the magical talking Dodo. This wonderful lite edition is the first instalment of Alice's journey and includes an amazing selection of animated scenes. Watch as full screen physics modelling bring the classic illustrations to life.

• Incredible digitally-remastered pages
• Breathtaking animated scenes that revolutionize the Lewis Carroll classic
• Pictures that move and animate as you tilt your iPad
• A new and beautifully typeset abridged text alongside the full original text
• The perfect interactive story for entertaining kids on a car journey
• Amaze adults and children alike with this remarkable new book design

This is a stunning treasure for the whole family to enjoy. It's time to get your hands on Alice for iPad, one of the most gorgeous apps this year.
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