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Tired of waiting to find out if the movies you’re watching have any clips after or during the credits? Waited forever to see if your favorite bat superhero movie had an after credits scene but was disappointed to find out there wasn't? Now with After Credits, you don't have to wait to be disappointed! Why wait 5-10 minutes when you can take 5-seconds to find out?

It’s quick! It’s simple! And it gets the job done! What more do you need?

Even if there is an after the credits to a prequel movie to a classic alien flick, why would want to wait to see it if people say that it wasn't worth the wait? With your help, you can vote to see if the clip is worth it to let others know or find out about what others think about the clip.

Don’t know what these after/during credits clips are? Then here’s some explanations. These are small less than one-minute clips that play after the movie has ended. These clips are becoming an integral part to having a great movie experience. Most often these clips will give viewers a hint of what is coming in the near future. Sometimes it may just be blooper scenes but other times they can lead to valuable answers on rumors and clues about future sequels.

-Simple easy on the eyes list to get the job done quick
-Smileys icons (Smile for yes, Frown for no)
-Rate on the clips to tell others if it is worth the wait
-Submit movies that isn't on the list (BIG help)
-Search! Search through an ever growing archive of movies
-200+ movies in archive and growing!
-Spoilers of during/after credits clip

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