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Tired of mindless button pushing? Want to have fun while actually challenging your brain?

27 Logic, Strategy and Math Puzzles for the price of one.


“Addictive and highly recommended.” – Susan

"The best collection of puzzle apps for computers. Good for a 20 second micro break or longer brain bender. Hugely configurable for long lasting game play." - Flaga

"This is a fantastic set of puzzles. . . . Almost all well-known logic puzzle types are represented somewhere within this set." - Xeipon

"Simple UI to nice set of puzzles. Recommended". - Dean

"It's a huge selection of elegant, mind-bending puzzles. . . . . Some puzzles are familiar and traditional, some are aren't. There are many options within each puzzle type". - dash raptor

"Great list of puzzles with a wide range of difficulty which can be set." - Dave

Download and play 27 Brain Puzzles now!


★★★★★ Great value. 27 fun games for the price of one. If you don't like a game, try another.

★★★★★ Improved brain function -- stretch your mind and challenge yourself with interesting puzzles instead of mindless button pushing.

★★★★★ Play short micro time killers or long-term brainteasers. Up to you.

★★★★★ Customize and tailor the puzzles to your own skill level. Something for everyone.

★★★★★ Get stuck? Hit the solve button and see the solution.

1) Bridges
2) Cube
3) Dominosa
4) Fifteen
5) Flip
6) Guess (Mastermind)
7) Inertia
8) Light Up
9) Magnets
10) Map
11) Minesweeper
12) Net
13) Netslide
14) Pattern
15) Pearl
16) Pegs
17) Range
18) Rectangles
19) Same Game
20) Sign Post
21) Singles
22) Sixteen
23) Slant
24) Sudoku
25) Tents
26) Twiddle
27) Untangle
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iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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