The latest and best blackjack game!
Play it! Learn it! Master it!

This blackjack (21) game is the ultimate classic simulation!
Forget about paying real money for more chips!
Totally FREE play without limitations!

Standard rules apply with rewards for improved performance!
Get professional advice at anytime to improve your odds and learn the tricks to winning big money!

Too many cool features to mention here!

* No maximum bet limits!
* Free in-game professional advice to improve your skills
* Realistic animation of cards and chips!
* Customize sound, vibration, and game speed to match your style!

* 10 card styles to choose from!
* Automatically stand on 21!
* Automatically repeat your last bet or put your bet back in the bank with a single touch!
* Detailed statistics to measure your progress!
* Reset your win percentage and retain your high score & rank!

* Bank funds are automatically replenished!
* Starting bank funds increase with higher ranks!
* Earn the rank of a legend and start each game with $10,000!
* Smooth animations and high quality images!

* Visual indicator shows your progress toward the next level!
* Awesome randomization code unless...
******* If you really just like to win, see if you can crack the secret cheats! *********

High score, ranking, win percentage and other top priority information on display at all times during game play!

Advance through the ranks from Beginner to Legend!
As you progress through the ranks, you are able to recover quicker from bankruptcy with higher initial funds.

Turn $1,000 into $1,000,000 and defeat the ranks of legends!
3 Aplicaciones
6.42 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
6.0 o posterior

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