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Takahashi Katsuhiko (b.1947 in Iwate)
Sharaku Murder Case, 1983, 29th Edogawa Ranpo Prize
Somondani, 7th Yoshikawa Eiji Literature Rookie Prize
Hokusai Murder Case, 1987, 40th Japan Mystery Writers’ Club Prize
Kaen, 2000, 34th Yoshikawa Eiji Literature Prize
53rd NHK Hoso Bunka Prize in 2001
Homura Tatsu and Hojo Tokimune, were produced into the NHK Through-the-Year Drama.

Masa welcomed Tomo to his seat. The latter should have been announced to be a helper earlier.
With pleasant laughter Tomo appeared at Masa’s camp. Masa’s brothers stood up and thanked for his reinforcement. Tomo was regarded as one of the major lords in the Nanbu Clan.
“Trust me about the geography of the castle. I can conjecture how Asari and Osato would react. So I hurriedly got ready and chased you.” Tomo moved next to Masa and sat down in the place of Nori.
“Did Nao suggest you do this?” Masa looked at him coldly.
Tomo was not a man who ran a risk. That’s why he ran away so easily from his castle. He wished to join the main force.
“Why do I have to follow his order?” he said disappointedly. “I asked Lord Haru for the vanguard. I know you are strong, but you don’t know much about the location.
You’ll be in trouble.”
“You said the van, but you really came for that?”
“Oh yes, I did.” Tomo straightened himself up.
“Then I thank you for your help. I’m sure the enemy will be in ambush for us near the castle.
You know the location and if you are in the vanguard, we can move to our relief.”
“Yes, sir. I already let the enemy know about our attack on the castle by a horse messenger.”
“What?” Tomo’s eyes goggled. “Are you crazy?”
“In order to draw the enemy out of the castle. When they stand siege we have no chance to win. I
announced it at the discussion.”
“But why let them know of your approaching?”
“It’s a matter of when. They know about us anyway. What troubles me is who to be the van?
We hope to surround them with our horsemen as soon as possible but unless we show where our weakness will be they may be suspicious. The vanguard has to expect to die first, but otherwise…”
Masa grimaced and touched his chin.
“What do you ask me to do?”
Tomo shouted before everybody.
“I didn’t join you to die for nothing.”
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