168 Hours helps you track how you are spending your time on a daily or weekly basis across a set of activities.

The app is meant for anyone that has a strong motivation to track how they use their time and can be used for personal reasons, research, work (though it may not be as ideal as other apps for work), etc.

The inspiration for the app came from a lecture by Prof. Harry Kraemer at the Kellogg School of Management that covered the benefits of comparing how you are spending the 168 hours you have each week against your priorities to check for alignment. Furthermore, some articles claim that self-tracking can improve productivity, and ultimately, happiness.

Please feel free to email me or contact me via Twitter (@oneillo) if you run into any problems with 168 Hours. The app's source code is available at https://github.com/oneillo/168-Hours.

Add, remove, or rearrange the activities that you are tracking

Misc Activity
The Misc activity keeps track of any time that is not assigned to a specific activity

Start or stop tracking time for an activity by tapping it. A new entry for the activity is added each time. View and modify existing entries by tapping on an activity’s detail button

Modifying Entries
Reassign specific entries to other activities to move or add time to those activities or reduce the amount of time for an individual entry as necessary

Summary Information
The time that is left in the day or week is shown at the top of the activities list. Tap on an activity’s detail button to see the cumulative time spent on that activity each day for the past 4 weeks

Saving Your Information
Four weeks of information is stored on the app at any time. To pull your information off of the device for storing or analyzing, tap on the “Save Log” button. Afterward, you can either send yourself the log in an email or connect your device to iTunes and download the CSV log file from the device’s “Apps” window
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