★★★★★1 Minute To Kill Him HD★★★★★
"1 Minute To Kill Him HD "is a funny casual game, maybe sometimes you are in a bad mood,however ,this game will always help you back to a good mood.
Scolded by the boss ? Humiliated by your colleagues ? Make things difficult by the clients? Spoofed by your friends?
You may be angry, you may be wronged, you may be unhappy, you may be wanted to hit him.
But just because of the shackles of reality ,you can not do this.
it is better to find an alternative to this people,then you can do whatever you want at anytime ,anywhere.I'm sure you will be satisfied with this result, and of course , this is a very healthy thing.
Do not need to wait, just in your office, and put the voodoo doll representing he or she on the table, then pick up tools on the table, repairing them as you like. For example, picking up the pin pierced his eyes,or with a flower pot hit her head, roasted his belly with a magnifying glass, every very ordinary office supplies will becomes a weapon in your hands.
just make use of your imagination and creativity, making fun of them without leaving any traces right now.
You can also decorate the doll for his well-dressed, and make voodoo doll closer to the image of his or her temperament,then an immersive feel it will be created.
Casual wear, rock and roll fan, small fresh in your dress and so on , all those can help you making the magic voodoo reality , I'm sure you will feel the dream is really achieving to you after you play this game.

-New game modes
-Innovative character of the game screen
-Cute voodoo doll
-Wealth of weapons and props
-Readily slaughtered experience
-Emission reduction pressure to help you
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17 Aplicaciones
21.35 MB
Versión iOS
4.0 o posterior

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